About Us

  • Zolotaya Rus confectionery factory is a modern Russian enterprise producing a wide range of confectionery goods:

    • Chocolate bars and chocolate candy,
    • Confectionery bars,
    • Candy drops,
    • Chewing gum,
    • Toppings for confectionery industry, and much more to come.

    The factory was established in 2003 in Yasnogorsk, Tula Region, and quickly became a highly competitive enterprise, with products highly demanded in various parts of Russia and the CIS.

    Zolotaya Rus has been developing dynamically and successfully by implementing innovative technologies and latest equipment. Today the factory has cutting-edge machinery from leading confectionery equipment-makers. Automated hi-tech production lines minimize personnel requirements, reducing human error.

    The success of any food production is reliant on high-quality products. This is why we carefully monitor our suppliers and choose only the best inputs the market has to offer.

    All incoming materials pass strict sensory, physical, chemical and safety checks. This approach by the management ensures top quality of inputs and materials and guarantees impeccable product quality.

  • We are confident our customers must enjoy not just great taste of our products but also their looks. This is why our factory pays great attention to packaging design, with our in-house design studio constantly searching for new packaging forms and designs. As a result of our focus on high quality of inputs and finished products, modern technology and exclusive packaging, the consumer demand for our entire product line remains invariably high.

    High quality of the factory products has been recognized with numerous Gold Medals at a number of international exhibitions.

    Zolotaya Rus confectionery factory constantly works on expanding the range of its products. Annually we introduce new product types to our customers.

    Zolotaya Rus confectionery factory offers its distributors:

    • Optimum pricing policy;
    • Balanced product portfolio;
    • Individual approach;
    • Marketing support;
    • Convenient warehouse locations in Moscow and Yasnogorsk.

    The basic rule of our partner relations is working for mutual benefit and aiming for long-term fruitful cooperation.

  • Quality

    The outstanding quality of Zolotaya Rus confectionery is guaranteed by our use of strictly natural, eco-friendly inputs and high-quality additives. The enterprise thoroughly monitors the quality of inputs, each batch passing stringent tests, including checks for absence of genetically modified ingredients and safety for human consumption.

    Our strategic goals are:

    1. Ensuring safety and maintaining guaranteed quality of our products by improving technological processes, monitoring systems and preventative action.
    2. Maintaining consumer confidence, meeting their requirements and expectations.
    3. Increasing profits by reducing losses during the production process.

    Principles of reaching the goals:

    • Constantly increasing competitive qualities of our products by improving quality and safety, updating product lines in line with the consumer expectations;
    • HACCP standards based product quality management;
    • Rational and efficient usage of technical, economic and organizational resources;
    • Developing and implementing universal requirements to quality and safety of inputs and materials, improving control methods, automating measurements and monitoring;
    • Entering new sales markets using management and marketing innovations;
    • Constantly improving knowledge and professional skills of the staff and encouraging their creativity;
    • Building relationships with the suppliers based on mutual understanding and cooperation;
    • Maintaining and improving quality management system based on ISO 9000 standards.

  • Our Mission

    Zolotaya Rus confectionery factory sees its mission in producing high-quality products at affordable prices.

    Company goals:

    • Zolotaya Rus acts like a market leader.
    • Zolotaya Rus has its unique advantages that make it different from all other market participants.
    • Zolotaya Rus cares about making its products affordable for the consumer.
    • Zolotaya Rus maintains product quality in line with the Russian standards.

    Short-term goals:

    • Improving the existing product portfolio;
    • Creating a product line with outstanding consumer qualities;
    • Building corporate identity.

    Company values:

    • Universal human values;
    • Healthy lifestyle;
    • Proactivity;
    • Complete commitment and confidence about achieving the company goals;
    • Personal development;
    • Business-minded, active outlook;
    • Company popularization;
    • Sparing use of company resources;
    • Protecting the company interests.